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How does the webtext grade my work?
How does the webtext grade my work?

How grading works, and some reasons for the score you see

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The webtext automatically grades your work as you complete it. For this reason, you may think that your score looks low at first. But as you keep completing the questions, you will see your score go up. 

The point value of each question is different for every instructor, school, and course. Your syllabus or course home page has all of the details on which parts of the webtext are assigned for credit and how many points each assignment is worth.

The webtext only gives you credit for a multiple-choice question if you answer it correctly. 

Other types of questions are graded on completion, though your instructor has the ability to monitor your work and unpost anything they feel isn't up to their standards. 

If your webtext is integrated with your school’s course management system (such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, or Moodle), it can take about ten minutes for the points to fully appear. If you reset some work, your score will temporarily drop until you complete it again. 

Email your instructor if you have questions about your course. Get in touch with us if you have questions about the webtext content. 

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