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How do I reset multiple-choice questions?
How do I reset multiple-choice questions?

Resetting your responses to try again

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Most webtexts allow you to reset multiple-choice questions, giving you the opportunity to check your understanding of the material and improve your score.

Your webtext may give you the option to reset all of the multiple-choice questions on a page or to reset each question individually. In either case, sometimes the number of times you can reset is limited, so make sure to read all instructions carefully.

Reset all multiple-choice questions on a page

The reset button at the bottom of the page will clear your responses for all of the multiple-choice questions on that page. Only the questions on that page will be reset; your responses to questions on other pages will remain.

An arrow pointing to the “Reset all multiple-choice questions on this page” button

The reset button will only become clickable once you’ve answered at least one question on the page. For pages with a limited number of resets, it will become clickable after you’ve answered all of the questions on the page.

When you reset questions, your score will temporarily drop until you answer them again. You’ll receive a warning message before you reset. If you don’t want to see the warning message anymore, you can disable it.

A reset pop-up box asking if you are sure you want to reset the questions on this page. An arrow is pointing to a selection box you can check that reads, “Please don’t remind me about this anymore”

Reset individual multiple-choice questions

If your course allows you to reset individual questions, you can reset your incorrect response to get a different question on the same topic for another chance to earn points.

To reset, click Try Again in the lower right corner of the question.

A multiple-choice question marked as incorrect with an arrow pointing to the Try Again button

Keep in mind that you are not penalized for resetting questions; the webtext will grade your most recent attempt. For more information, check out this article: How does the webtext grade my work?

If you don’t see a reset button, you can ask your instructor if they would be willing to give you another chance by resetting the questions for you.

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