In some webtexts, you’ll encounter sets of several multiple-choice questions.

For each question in the set, select an answer and then click Save—just as you would for any multiple-choice question.

Screenshot of multiple-choice question with an answer selected and an arrow pointing to the Save button

Then use the Next Question button to move on.

Screenshot of completed multiple-choice question with correct answer selected and arrow pointing to the Next Question button in the bottom right corner

Icons in the bottom left corner of the set indicate which questions you’ve attempted and whether you got the correct answer.

Screenshot of question deck with icons in bottom left corner showing 2 of 3 attempted, 1 correct, 1 incorrect

You can use the left and right arrows in the upper right corner of the set to navigate between the questions.

Screenshot of question deck with arrow pointing to the navigation buttons in the top right corner

Note: If you reset all the multiple-choice questions on a page using the button at the bottom of the page, you’ll need to answer every question in the set again.

For information on resetting multiple-choice questions, check out the following article: I’m not happy with my score. Can I have another chance?

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