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Tracking Your Progress
How do I use My Progress?
How do I use My Progress?

How to track your progress and view details about your work

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The My Progress tool in your webtext lets you keep an eye on how you’re doing in the webtext. You can use My Progress to view how much of the webtext you’ve completed, how many multiple-choice questions you’ve answered correctly, and much more.

In a web or mobile browser, you can find My Progress in the Tools Menu in the upper right corner of your webtext. In the Soomo app, tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu and then tap My Progress.

When you open My Progress, you’ll see an overview by chapter and page of the work you’ve completed. 

View your progress

In the navigation menu on the left, click Show My Progress. (This is the default view.) This page gives you an easy way to see all the work you’ve done and what you still need to complete.

The My Progress default page showing which pages and chapters have been completed

Pages you’ve completed are displayed as a box with a check mark. Pages where you can still complete work (and get more points) are displayed as a red, partially-filled box.

Click on any square for a detailed view of that page.

The My Progress view with an arrow pointing to a page in the table

View your score

From the Quick Actions menu, click Show My Score. This screen shows the percentage of multiple-choice questions you got right for each webtext page.

The My Score page showing the percentage of questions answered correctly with an arrow pointing to Show My Score

If a page contains multiple-choice questions that you can reset and try again, it will appear as a solid red box. Pages with multiple-choice questions you can no longer complete will be displayed in gray text. This might be because the due date for that page has passed or because you have run out of attempts.

Click on the percentage for any page to see its detailed view.

The My Score view with an arrow pointing to a page’s score in the table

View time spent in the webtext

Click Show My Active Time on the left to see how long you’ve spent clicking, typing, and scrolling in the webtext.

The My Active Time view in My Progress showing a table of time spent on each page in the webtext

View your gradebook points

If your webtext work is assigned for credit, you can use My Progress to see how many points you’ve earned for each assignment.

From the menu on the left, click Show My Gradebook Points. This will show you the points you have earned for each webtext item. If your webtext is integrated with your course LMS, these points will also appear in your course’s gradebook.

The My Gradebook Points view in My Progress showing how many points have been earned for each webtext assignment

Watch video tutorial

You can also check out this short screencast for an overview of how My Progress works!

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