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Tracking Your Progress
How do I use My Progress?
How do I use My Progress?
How to track your progress and view details of your completed work using the Progress Tracker
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In the Tools Menu in the upper right corner, click My Progress. You’ll see an overview by chapter and page of the work you’ve completed. 

How can I check my progress?

In the navigation menu on the left, click Show My Progress. (This is the default view.) This page gives you an easy way to see all the work you’ve done and what you still need to complete.

The “Show My Progress” view.
  • Checkmarks show pages you’ve completed. 

  • Anywhere you see a red partially filled box indicates a page where you can still complete more work (and get more points).

  • Click any square to see the details of that page.

How can I find the multiple-choice questions I got wrong?

In the navigation menu on the left, click Show My Score. This screen shows the percentage of multiple-choice you got right for each webtext page. 

The “Show My Score” view.
  • Click any page that has a red box to see the detailed view, and review the questions you missed.

  • Low scores that are no longer completable will be in grey. This might be because the due date for that page has passed, or because you have run out of attempts. 

What does “active time” mean?

In the navigation menu on the left, click Show My Active Time. We count up all the minutes you spend clicking, typing, and scrolling in the webtext, and this is where you can view that data. 

The “Show My Active Time” view.

You can also check out this short screencast for an overview of how My Progress works!

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