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How can I tell if my work has saved?
How can I tell if my work has saved?

Information on saving and submitting your work in the webtext

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Before you move on to the next page or close your browser window or tab, look for confirmation that your work has been saved.

Multiple-choice questions

After you answer a multiple-choice question, look for the rejoinder telling you whether you got it right or wrong. You’ll also see when your response was saved.

A multiple-choice question with arrow pointing to “Saved moments ago” note.

Open-ended questions

Short-answer questions and response boards will also show you when your response was posted or last saved.

Your responses will save automatically as drafts until you click Post.

Arrow pointing to "Saved moments ago" in response board question.

After you click Post, you’ll see when you posted your response.

A short-answer question with arrow pointing to “Posted moments ago” note.

If your school has an integration with an LMS (such as Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, or Moodle), you can look there for your points about ten minutes after you’ve stopped working. Points will automatically appear in the LMS after a successful save in the webtext; there is no additional submit button you need to click for this to happen.

To track your progress in the webtext overall, use the progress indicators. They are found at the top and bottom of each page, in the Table of Contents, and in My Progress.

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