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How do I tell if I’m done with my work?
How do I tell if I’m done with my work?

Options for finding missed work and tracking your progress as you go

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Your webtext has three progress indicators. 

First, there’s one at the top of each page that tells you what you’ve completed on only that page.

A webtext page with an arrow pointing to progress indicators of attempted and correct questions.

Second, there’s the Table of Contents, which provides an overview of your progress on each page of the chapter. 

A solid square means that every question has been answered. A half-filled square means that the page is only partially complete. An empty square means that no work on the page has been completed.

An arrow pointing to status markers next to each page in Contents menu.

Finally, there’s My Progress, which gives you a more detailed overview and provides page-by-page information. Click the Tools button in the upper right corner, and then click My Progress.  

Tools menu open with an arrow pointing to My Progress

Hover your mouse over the squares to see more information, such as how many questions were answered correctly. Click on each square for more details.

My Progress with an arrow pointing to page status square and details that appear when hovering over the square.

Consult your syllabus or ask your instructor to find out which materials in the webtext are assigned for credit. Contact us if your webtext points look different than you expected, and we can walk you through it. 

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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