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How do I view notifications?
How do I view notifications?
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When you have a new notification, you’ll see a red dot in the Notifications panel in the upper right corner of your webtext. Click “Notifications” to expand the panel. This will show you a list of any feedback your instructor may have left you.

Arrow pointing to notifications tab in upper right corner of webtext

Your instructor may leave feedback on your work in the webtext. Instructors can

  • comment on your short-answer, response-board, or writing-template responses,

  • unpost or reset your responses, and

  • pin your response-board answers to the top of the list.

Click on any notification to navigate to the specific short-answer question, response board, or writing template where your instructor left feedback. Then click “View comment” to read what your instructor has written.

This screenshot shows a response-board question in the webtext with a comment from their instructor. This notification includes a “View comment” button.

Your instructor may also unpost your response. You can revise unposted responses and repost them by simply clicking “Post” again.

For any instructor feedback, you will receive both an email notification and a webtext notification. These notifications will provide you with a link to open your webtext, where you can check your notifications panel for updates.

An email with the heading “You have new notifications.” The email body tells the student they have a new notification and includes a direct link to open the webtext.

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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