The writing templates and other open-ended questions provide an opportunity for instructors to see student work while it’s still in progress. This article explains how instructors can make comments on student responses in the webtext and how students will view those comments.

Step 1: Locate Student Writing in the Webtext 

It’s not necessary for instructors to look at every student response. The webtext has been designed so that faculty members can focus their efforts on a few key pages in the webtext. For example, page 1.9 in Week 1 has the writing templates that instructors will most likely want to comment on (you can view a list of pages needing feedback each week here).

First, access Analytics. Then click on the blue box corresponding to a page that has a writing template.

After clicking on the blue box, you will see a detailed view of the student’s work on that page. The screenshot below shows page 1.9, which has a series of templates that students use to brainstorm their topic.

To view the page as the student sees it, click “In Context” in the upper right-hand corner. When you’re ready to make a comment, you’ll need to return to the “Questions” view.

Step 2: Add Comments on Student Responses

By providing feedback early in the writing process, you can both encourage students and address common issues such as overly broad topics, thesis statements without a debatable position, poor evidence, and so on.

TIP: You can leave video comments for students in Analytics too! Click here to see how.

 1. Click “Add Comment” to begin typing your feedback. 

2. Click “Save Comment” to send your comment to the student.

3. View the next student’s work.

Use the left/right arrows beside the student’s name to stay on the same page and switch between different students.

4. Edit comments.

You can edit your comments by clicking “Edit Comment” and saving your new response. 

How Students View Comments

Email Notification

When an instructor saves a comment, students receive a notification via email that includes the page number to find the comment on.

Webtext View

If comments are made on writing template responses, students will also see the comment appear below the writing template in the webtext.

Student Help Center Article

Should students run into trouble, the article How Students View Instructor Comments can help them find and view instructor comments.


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