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Can the webtext read out loud to me?
Can the webtext read out loud to me?

How to use our Read to Me feature to listen to your webtext

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All our webtexts include a feature called Read to Me that lets you listen to your webtext out loud. (Note that this feature is not currently available on mobile.)

To enable the feature, click the Tools button in the upper right corner, then toggle the Read to Me switch. You can also adjust the settings for voice speed and text highlighting here at any time.

Expanded Tools Menu with an arrow pointing to the Read to Me Toggle and a box around the voice speed and text highlight options.

Once you’ve enabled Read to Me, the Listen button will appear at the top of each webtext page. This button will play the page from the beginning.

Screenshot of webtext page with Listen button at top of page above first heading

To start listening in the middle of the page, hover over any paragraph and click the Play icon that appears in the left margin.

Screenshot of webtext page with Play icon to left of first paragraph

To disable the Read to Me feature, simply toggle the button in the Tools Menu again.

Watch video tutorial

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