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Where are the page numbers?
Where are the page numbers?

How to find out what page you’re on in the webtext

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Page numbers can be found in two places. 

You can see them at the top of each page along with the chapter title, page title, and progress indicators:

Top of a webtext page with an arrow pointing to the page number.

You can also see the page numbers to the left of each page title in the Table of Contents. The page you are currently on will be highlighted in a brighter color:

The expanded Contents menu with an arrow pointing to the current page.

To navigate to any page, find it in the Table of Contents and click on it.

Rather than numbering that starts with 1 and goes up from there, our page numbers also indicate which chapter the page can be found in:

  • Page number 1.7 means you’re on page 7 of Chapter 1.

  • Page number 2.4.1 means you’re on the first section of the fourth page in Chapter 2.

Even though our page numbers have dots in them, you still treat them like any page number when citing the webtext

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