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How do I bookmark a page?
How do I bookmark a page?

How to pick up where you left off

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There’s no way to bookmark a page manually—the webtext does it for you. When you return to the webtext, the Table of Contents will open showing a bookmark icon next to the last page you visited. 

From that point, you can navigate to any page using the links in the Table of Contents. 

The Contents menu with an arrow pointing to the bookmark symbol on a page.

You can also use the note-taking tool to create something like a bookmark. Select the text anywhere on the page, and the notes field will open on the right-hand side. You can then type “bookmark” or any keyword you choose. When you visit the section of the Tools Menu called “My Notes” (click the button in the upper right), you can see all of your notes at once and return easily to any page that contains a note. 

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