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How can I quickly navigate my webtext using a screen reader?
How can I quickly navigate my webtext using a screen reader?
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There are multiple ways to navigate your webtext using assistive technology. We have included WCAG 2.1 AA compliant code in our products to enable easy and standard navigation with as many assistive technologies as possible.

Note that these navigation tips should be performed with your screen reader in scan mode or an equivalent state for your screen reader. To find out more, please read our article on scan mode for screen readers and your webtext.

Region landmarks

Each page you navigate will have defined region landmarks that contain important parts of the page.

  • Banner - the section of the page that contains important controls such as your Table of Contents, Tools Menu, and search bar

  • Main - the section of the page that contains all of your text, questions, and other learning materials

  • Footer - the section of the page that contains all footnotes for a page as well as the Next and Back buttons

Screen reader









Command + U to open the rotor, then VO + Left or Right Arrow until you find landmark, then VO + Down Arrow to see the list

Page elements

You can navigate the page on a more granular level using element-specific hot keys. These allow you to navigate through the page by specific element types. The commands function in the way described only when in scan mode in your screen reader. These are:

JAWS, NVDA, and Narrator

  • B - This control will navigate you to each button element on the page.

  • H - This key will navigate to each heading on the page regardless of its level.

  • T - This key will navigate you to any table on the page.

  • U and V - These keys will navigate you to unvisited links and visited links on the page, respectively.

    Arrows pointing to a button, a heading, a table, and a link in the webtext.

Voiceover on Mac

  • Command + VO + T - This command moves you through the tables on the page.

  • Command + VO + H - This command will jump you through the headings on the page.

  • Command + VO + L - This command will jump through any links on the page.

It should be noted that each of these keys will proceed in a specific order on the page. Adding Shift to any of them will begin moving backwards through that order.

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner of your webtext. You can also contact us using the information below.

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