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How do I navigate a Soomo map with my screen reader?
How do I navigate a Soomo map with my screen reader?
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Some webtexts include Soomo maps. Below are some tips for reviewing these maps with a screen reader.

After tabbing to the map, you will encounter a focus indicator in the map itself. Your screen reader will transition to direct-input mode. Some screen readers may announce “Application” or another word or phrase.

Once you place focus in the map, you can use the arrow keys to navigate to different pieces of the map. These may include countries, states, or geographic regions. You will encounter a focus indicator surrounding each piece you are focused on as you navigate the map. Your screen reader will announce relevant labels and data.

To announce the legend, press “I” at any point within the map.

To magnify the map, press Space to zoom in and Backspace to zoom out.

Below is a summary of key commands.



Arrow keys

Move in the direction of the arrow


Zoom in


Zoom out


Announce the legend

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