Now that you’ve created a new Grammarly account with your school email address, you’re ready to upload your document. Start by clicking the Upload button.

  • Once your text has been imported, a window will appear. Click the Academic option next to Domain, and then click Done in the lower right corner. 
  • To find your score, look at the top right. Click on your score to read your report.

All comments and underlined words must be addressed in Grammarly and your Word document before you submit your essay! 

  1. If you understand the error and agree, click the solution in green and it will update your text
  2. If you believe it should stay as is, click the trash can icon to dismiss.
  3. If you prefer to rephrase, make the change directly to the text and then click the trash can icon to dismiss. For comments that don’t include an automated solution, make your change to the text and then click the trash can to dismiss. 

Download Your Edited Document

  •  When you're done, you can download your edited document by clicking the down arrow on the top left, and then clicking Download. Alternatively, you can simply click the Copy button and paste your text into a Word document. 

After you download your document, you'll see that the changes you made while in Grammarly are now showing up as Comments in Word. To disable the comments before you turn your paper in, follow these instructions: 

  • Click Review, then select the little arrow to the right of Delete, and then click Delete All Comments

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Saturday–Sunday 1 p.m.–9 p.m. ET

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