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Checking your work with Grammarly
Checking your work with Grammarly

How to use Grammarly to check your assignment for errors

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Grammarly is a web tool that will help you check your work for grammar and spelling. Follow the steps below to check your work with Grammarly before you submit your assignment for grading.

1. Log in to Grammarly

First, log in to Grammarly with your school email address.

2. Upload and check your assignment

Once you’re logged in, upload your assignment to get a report on any grammar or spelling issues it may have. Start by clicking the Upload button for a new document.

My Grammarly page with arrow pointing to Upload button

Once your text has been imported, you’ll be prompted to set goals for your assignment In the “Domain” category, select “Academic,” and then click “Done” in the lower right corner.

(If you’re unable to select the “Academic” option, make sure you’re using the Premium version of Grammarly. If you have free access to Premium through your school, make sure you’re signed in to Grammarly with your school email address.)

“Set goals” menu with arrow pointing to Academic Domain option

Click your overall score in the upper right corner to read your report.

Grammarly report with arrow pointing to overall score

3. Resolve issues and download your edited document

The report will highlight issues with grammar and spelling that you should address. You must address all of the issues indicated by Grammarly before you submit your assignment!

To resolve each issue, you have three options:

  1. If you understand the error and agree, click the solution and it will update your text.

  2. If you believe it should stay as is, click the trash can icon to dismiss the suggestion.

  3. If you prefer to rephrase, or if Grammarly hasn’t suggested a solution, make your changes directly to the text and then click the trash can icon to dismiss the issue.

Grammarly accept a correction pop up

Once you’ve resolved or dismissed all the issues in the report, you can download your edited document by clicking the down arrow in the left sidebar and then clicking Download. Alternatively, you can click the Copy button and paste your text into a Word document. 

Download option next to uploaded document in Grammarly

After you download your document, you’ll see that the changes you made in Grammarly are now showing up as comments in Word. You must delete the comments before you submit your assignment to your instructor.

Select the Review ribbon, then select the arrow next to the delete button and click “Delete All Comments in Document.”

Microsoft Word document with Review ribbon selected and Comments menu open

Now you can submit your assignment for grading!

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