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How do I purchase my webtext when I’m in a trial?
How do I purchase my webtext when I’m in a trial?

Completing your purchase to get full access to your webtext

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Some webtexts allow you to sign up using a free trial option, giving you access to the first three chapters of your webtext for three weeks. If you’re waiting on financial aid or other funding, you can use the trial to start working in your webtext so you don’t fall behind.

When you’re ready to purchase full access to your webtext, click the Complete Your Purchase link in the banner at the top of your webtext. If you’re not able to click the link, make sure that you’ve closed the Table of Contents and Tools Menu.

Screenshot of banner at the top of a webtext that reads, “Your trial access to the first three (3) chapters expires in 21 days,” with a link that says “Complete your purchase.”

You will be taken to a page to activate your account. Follow the instructions to enter a passkey purchased from your school’s bookstore or to pay directly with a credit card. Note that these options may vary depending on your course.

Screenshot of Activate Your Account page showing Passkey and Credit Card options

If you’re using a passkey, remember that it will be a 13-digit code that starts with WT.

Example passkey WTYZABCDEFG12 with text that reads, “This passkey provides access to the webtext for one academic term.”

Once you’ve entered your payment information or passkey, you’ll continue through the registration process. When you’re done, select Sign Me In to jump back into your webtext.

Screenshot of You’re Signed Up screen with an arrow pointing to the Sign Me In button

If you have any questions, click the Messenger button in the lower right corner. You can also contact us using the information below.

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