Setting up your braille display with JAWS

Follow these steps to set up your braille display with JAWS.

  1. Navigate to the JAWS window and open the Options menu with the command Alt+O

  2. Arrow down and press enter on the option “Braille”

  3. Press Tab until you hear the button “Add a Braille Display” and activate it

  4. Select your braille display model from the list using the up and down arrow keys and then select the display you’d like to add by pressing space

  5. Press Tab until you find the “Finish” button and activate it

  6. Press Tab until you hear the “Okay” button and activate it

  7. Restart JAWS

Your braille display should now be outputting content from your computer.

Tip: JAWS has various modes to output content to your braille display. It can mimic what the speech synthesizer says, navigate structurally on its own, or go line by line. No option is better than the other—it’s up to you! You can change these modes by navigating to the JAWS window, pressing Alt+U, and then pressing C to open the Settings Center.

You can also change the type of braille you’d like to receive by adjusting that option under “Braille” in the Settings Center.

Setting up your braille display with NVDA

NVDA has the ability to automatically detect a braille display. However, this does not work on all models. If your braille display is not automatically detected, try the steps below.

  1. Press Ctrl + NVDA key + A to open the Braille Display Selector

  2. Select your braille display from the available list

  3. Press Tab until you hear “Okay Button” and then press Enter

Tip: If you would like to change the navigation mode of your braille display, the type of braille it outputs, or other settings for your braille display in NVDA, navigate to the settings and choose the Braille category.

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